Counseling presents an opportunity for you to work through life's stumbling blocks, obstacles, and transitions in a forum that helps you make wise decisions, gain clarity, and receive healing to move forward in life. It opens up the door for you to begin to see situations in a different light, change behaviors, and make sure that our responses are not impulsive in nature. Counseling is the bridge from where you are to where you desire to be and brings forth peace, healing, and transformation in our lives when we are open and willing. Counseling also can help us find out who we really are, develop our identity, create and go after personal goals, and learn how to break the cycle of being in our own way. 

I believe that counseling is a collaborative effort between the client and the Therapist, with the therapist being there to support, guide, and assist the client in making their own sound, well thought out decisions that impact their life. I believe that counseling should be person-centered so my approach to counseling is eclectic, which means that I infuse an array of counseling theories and techniques based on the client's needs and treatment goals. I place great effort into making sure that each client's counseling experience is tailor made for your needs. 

I believe that in order for growth and understanding to occur, clients have to be willing to put in the work, accept responsibility, roll up their sleeves and face the music in their lives.

We do not choose the life we have been given AND we do choose how we respond.

Life won't always be easy AND we can't have permanent pity parties.

It's hard work AND YOU CAN DO IT! 

Are you ready?